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    The sudden hunch, the creative leap of mind that “sees” in a flash how to solve a problem in a simple way, is something quite different.

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    We do not re invent the wheel but rather we perfect it. We utilise a team of highly dedicated professionals in bringing you the best software services which will enhance your business.

    • School Management Software
    • Web Design and Development
    • Application Development
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    • BITS Enterprises
    • Timely Services
    • BITS Enterprises
    • Timely Services
  • Creativity is Our Guiding Principle

    The question we always ask ourselves when trying to engage a customer is what can we offer the customer? What can we do to impact a positive change in the business of that customer?


    Digital Lifestyle

    In a tech era,
    Live the tech.

  • How we work


    Functionality & Efficiency:
    Our guiding principles

    People don’t use a product because of the great design because of fulfilled utilities.

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  • Inspiration

    Water; Powerfull, humble, adjustable, pure and non expendable.

  • Creativity

    Rubbing minds with great minds, a freeway to greatness.

  • Fashion

    Your establishment is unique, Lets help you showcase it.

  • Robustness

    Our aim is to provide you with what you need with utmost efficiency.

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BITS Enterprises
No 45 Zoo Road, MBM Internet Cafe Opp Pediatric Hospital
Phone Number: +234 810 866 3421
Email Address: info@bits.com.ng